Christmas Discount: Kansas City Royals New Stadium Price DROPS By One Billion Bucks

Amid rampant inflation that makes this holiday season just a bit harder . . . It seems that locals are forced to celebrate a deal wherever they can find it. 

Here's a peek at new numbers and continued debate . . .

The corrected number is $5.13 billion on the high end. October's document that was leaked to the media showed, on the high end, a new Royals stadium could cost the county as much as $6.41 billion. The difference between October's number and this month's number is $1.28 billion.

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New document shows potential $1.2B error in new Royals stadium cost sheet

FOX4 obtained a new document showing a "corrected number" for how much a new Kansas City Royals stadium would cost Jackson County.

Royals' potential NKC stadium site sees environmental testing

An environmental contractor has initiated soil boring around North Kansas City, one of the Royals' finalists for a new $2 billion ballpark.

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