Cheapskate Kansas City Royals Neglect Another Off Season

Hardcore fans hold out hope for the fading franchise that's putting far more effort into a new stadium than improving their team . . . Here's the sitch:

On the other hand, is there an organization with more clarity entering the offseason? The Royals have $52 million assigned to their 26-man roster entering 2024. That mark ranks the seventh-lowest in baseball. At the same time, the team lost 106 games last season, second-most only to the Athletics. In other words, the worst team in franchise history has (or should have) some of the most spending power in the league this winter. Regardless of what the television income turns out to be, there’s a built-in cushion that Kansas City should assume they’ll be able to spend.

Getting ahead of the market is rarely something the Royals have done in years past, but it is exactly what they should be doing right now. The concern shouldn’t be mildly overspending — it should be getting the players the team wants now at whatever the cost may be.

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The clock is ticking and time is against the Royals

This winter can't be the same waiting game as always.