Bird E-Scooters Vanish In Overland Park

This company was once the darling of Silicon Valley but the fad has faded and now local cities are noticing more than a few problems with the service. 

Here's one local JoCo example . . .

Then, the e-scooters disappeared in August, Brian Shields, Overland Park’s traffic engineer, said at the city’s Community Development Committee meeting last week.

Since then, communication between the company and the city has been spotty, Shields said.

After multiple messages to the company went unanswered, someone from Bird did eventually reach out to say the person who was managing the Bird e-device fleets locally had left the company.

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E-scooters and e-bikes vanish from these Johnson County cities. Could they come back?

"We had seen that was working really wonderfully for a while," said a city official. But then the e-scooters and e-bikes were all gone.

Bird pulls scooters and e-bikes from Overland Park

After Bird removed all of its scooters and bikes from city limits, Overland Park is considering allowing different vendors to operate their devices in the city.

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