Another Record Breaking Year For Homicides Threatens Kansas City

For months our blog community has been warning about this horrific hot mess in the making.

Typically, progressive news outlets are taking notice at the end of the year as they repeat a horrific pattern . . . Our prediction:  

Mayor Q and many well-paid anti-violence workers will lament the tragedy, promise to do better and there might even be "progress" in the early months of next year. AND THEN . . . Once the weather gets nicer . . . The pattern will likely repeat. 

Another twist . . .

This year we noticed several public officials cherry picking stats in hopes of avoiding "difficult conversations" about the reality of this slaughter. 

Sadly . . .

The numbers worsen as low voter turnout seems to suggest that locals are content to accept the loss of life as part of the cowtown status quo.

Here are more deets on the story . . .

Kansas City is on the brink of breaking the all-time record of 182 yearly homicides, set in 2020. Community organizations, activists, city leadership and law enforcement are searching for answers to stem the tide of death.

This makes 2023 the second deadliest year in the city’s history, a milestone that has left those working to stop gun violence searching for answers.

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KCUR: Kansas City already recorded more homicides than last year. 2023 may be its deadliest ever