Afghans Call Kansas City Home

Aftermath report that's worth a glimpse as this cowtown evolves and becomes increasingly diverse with new residents from every corner of the world . . .

“It felt like a humanitarian crisis,” said Dr. Sofia Khan, the founder of KC for Refugees. “ It was overwhelming.”

Her group has helped roughly 1,000 Afghans since 2021, including one group of 20 families that landed at Kansas City International Airport with little money and even less understanding of their new environment.

“It was a time to tighten our belts and push ourselves,” Khan said, “not the time to walk away.”

She said her organization needed help from the local Afghan community to understand the new refugees’ cultural traditions and social norms.

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Afghan refugees still adjusting to life in Kansas City - and wondering if they can stay

After the Taliban seized control of Kabul, Kansas City welcomed hundreds of refugees from Afghanistan in 2021. Two years later, many refugees are in search of stable housing as the question of their immigration status remains in the air.