Worth It To Fight With Kansas City Star???

A recent editorial answered a bottom-of-the-barrel column offered by a local preacher.

Some might disagree with the commentary but there's no denying it's thoughtful, articulate and represents a legit point of view.

Meanwhile . . .

It seems like the so-called Kansas City "paper-of-record" is willing to slap any garbage in their print editions in order to fill their news hole . . . Ew. 

And so we ask . . .


 At a certain point . . . Given that the newspaper is caught in a dead-tree death spiral of shame and unworkable profit model . . . Their opinion section is not longer worthy of debate and merely becomes a legacy of bygone era . . . In much the same way we don't spend a lot of time arguing about horse carriage rides. 

Accordingly . . . Here's the answer to a sketchy column that was published out a sense of entitlement rather than a serious consideration of important issues . . . Check-it: 

"The Star recently published a guest commentary by a well-meaning local minister claiming parallels between African Americans and Palestinians. It’s a popular but false analogy. The pastor sees both groups as persecuted. That’s where the comparison ends. African Americans have been victimized, as Jews have historically been victimized. However, Black people in the U.S. have never been in a war with the white population, as the Palestinians have sometimes been at war with Israelis. Israel is not the result of European colonialism. Jews escaped to Israel. They were not sent by some European power to colonize and exploit Palestine. They escaped to Palestine to avoid being murdered, and were murdered anyway."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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