Will Seven New Luxury Skyscrapers Save Downtown Kansas City???

Probably not.

At least, the odds aren't great since at least three of them are nothing more than fancy drawings. 

This report is mostly developer hype backed up by online trolls but we thought it would be fun to share with our readers who know better than to believe a glorified sales pitch for $3,000 rents and ponzi schemes by way of mediocre architecture.

Here's the word . . .

"Those projects are the tip of the iceberg. At least seven more high-rise proposals are in predevelopment, as builders look to capitalize on growing residential allure in the urban core — now home to 32,276 people and counting."

Stolen Liberated a social media scumbag who stole it from somebody else . . . Check the lineup: 

1) 14th and Wyandotte- 27-story high rise apartment/hotel complex (although Lux has recently come under fire for several things)

2) 16th and Broadway- 28-story project with 250-350 apartments and a 200-250 room hotel

3) East Village- Royals stadium/ballpark district (deadline to put a tax proposal on the 2024 ballot for partial public funding is January)

4) 12th and McGee- Copaken Brooks 700 apartment and 20k retail space

5) 14th and Baltimore- Four Light at the L-shaped space around B&B Theaters

6) Main and Truman- 506 apartment and 85k of retail where the now-closed Calvert's Express sits

7) 13th and Main- new high-rise on top of the existing retail space

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

High-rise projects that could change downtown Kansas City's skyline

At least seven more high-rise projects are in predevelopment, as builders look to capitalize on growing allure in downtown Kansas City.