Who Knew: Jackson Mahomes Has A Type

Don't judge this lady influencer just by one social media photo. The TikTok star has a variety of looks she shares with an impressive number of fans which include the baby bro of Kansas City's greatest baller.

Here's part of the story as most KC media still politely ignore this dude . . .

"Jackson posted two straight pictures with Iris wishing her a happy birthday. Fresh off from some time away from the spotlight, Patrick Mahomes' brother has decided to return as he still deals with a legal case stemming from (an alleged assault) eight months ago."

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IN PHOTOS: Jackson Mahomes wishes 'lover' Falon Iris a happy birthday during Patrick Mahomes' Chiefs win in Week 5

While Patrick Mahomes was dicing the Minnesota Vikings in a 27-20 win for the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 5, his brother Jackson Mahomes took his time to send a happy birthday message to 'lover' Falon