What Should Kansas City Fear Most On Friday The 13th?!?

We pose a tough question to start the day . . . 

Still . . .

In the midst of scary season, with the U.S. now basically engaged in a two front war and local violence still moving along at record levels.

We ask our blog community . . .


Again . . .

The political answers are easy and anybody who says "progressives" is swiping at low hanging fruit. 

Inflation is also an easy answer but EVERYBODY has money probs and they only get worse with more cash. 

Fear is underrated and now serves as a primary motivator. For instance . . . This week macabre deets regarding the fate of babies in a terrorist attack keep surfacing in official statements AND online troll comments. However, the White House walked back American confirmation of the horrific story. Like it or not, this kind of fear-based rhetoric is effective in ramping up support for even more brutality that would take place in a larger war. 

Even worse . . .

Today's "Day of rage" doesn't sound like any fun and a bit of a fright on the 13th. 

Aside from very real international scares .  . .

Plastic might be turning the ocean & people into cyborgs. 

The U.S. needs to get better and determining the difference betwixt brown people. Hint: Latinos are typically only armed with some kind of cleaning apparatus to make a buck.

Climate change is also killing your sex life. 

The nuke war threat is for realz. 

And "butthole sugar" isn't just a cool name for a band . . . But a legit medical practice that your insurance probably covers. 

And we mention all of this because . . . 


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