Westside Tax Relief Almost Explained

The upshot here is that this is kind of the first installment of upcoming senior tax relief and other incentive programs for po'folk that seem to realize the American dream of home ownership is now a thing of the past. 

Here are the basics . . .

The Chapter 353 Redevelopment Plan follows years of skyrocketing home values on the Westside. From 2018 to 2020, the average assessed value for owner-occupied homes increased by 128% — the most of any neighborhood in Jackson County.

“The Westside land values have gone up substantially, mostly due to gentrification,” said Michael Duffy, an attorney with Legal Aid of Western Missouri who helped develop the program. “This is a neighborhood that 25 years ago was redlined by nearly every bank that anybody tried to get a loan from.”

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Kansas City offered tax breaks to Westside homeowners, and it helped people keep their homes

So far, 53% of all homeowners on the Westside have signed up for the program, which cuts property taxes to a percentage of their income and, for some, freezes it at that level for 25 years.