Did Troy Schulte Save Kansas City Royals?!?

An alternative funding mechanism might get the Royals the cash they need and maybe even keep them at the Truman Sports complex given that NOBODY is excited about the East Village idea. 

Here's a tease and a glimpse at bureaucrats doing more work than elected officials. 


On Oct. 2, County Administrator Troy Schulte told FOX4 if there's a will, there's a way to get an agreement done to keep the Royals in Jackson County.

"If we can get the Royals to go along with them, maybe it becomes a lot easier and becomes less about a lease and more about development, which is what the Royals have been talking about that this is a broader development.

"Maybe we treat it like an economic development project and not a traditional lease like we've been under for the last 50 years."

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Jackson County considering other avenues to fund Royals, Chiefs stadiums

One Jackson County legislator says County Executive Frank White has been exploring other avenues to fund the Chiefs' and Royals' stadiums.