Taylor Swift Buying EPIC Mansion In Leawood, Kansas?!?!

Social media is abuzz with a tasty real estate rumor concerning one of the swankiest neighborhoods in the Kansas City, metro.

At the very least . . . 

This tidbit is fun if only because it'll make some very rich locals VERY NERVOUS about living next to the love nest of the world's greatest diva when she invites over a Super Bowl champ. 

Still . . .

The main residence of Paddy & Brit is now in Cass County . . . Kelce's local residence is in a fancy-schmancy section of the Northland . . . And so . . . Maybe the elite don't mind commuting as much as the plebs. 

Then again . . . 

If Taylor Swift picks out a local address . . . It would be only one of more than half a dozen of her multi-million dollar properties.

Think about that today whilst taking orders from middle-management and/or using online coupons to avoid having to eat dog food at the end of the month.  

Don't worry . . . We won't argue that CAPITALISM FAILED even if that's painfully obvious . . . If only because MISTAKENLY believing that the crony corporatism & oligarchy currently ruling the planet is anything close to a free market is one of the few things in this life that's free.

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