Show-Me Worst U.S. Book Censorship

Here's a glimpse at partisan politics impacting library access for the NEXTGEN. 

And whilst we can debate community standards . . . What's scary is that IT SEEMS that any "Karen" can lodge a complaint and add books to banned list that will subsequently endanger librarians with arrest. 

Taken to its illogical extreme . . . We've seen The Bible banned in 2023 for all of its graphic & terrifying content. 

Meanwhile, this report focuses more on continued partisan debate against one of the leading candidates for Guv who seems like a nice guy even if he's a Nepo baby . . . Check-it:

"The point of concern for critics of the regulation, namely PEN America and a slate of Democrats in Missouri, is that the Ashcroft regulation could be misused and abused by a class of individuals who wish to see entire categories and genres of literature blocked in libraries.

"Sabrina BaĂȘta, program consultant for PEN America’s Freedom to Read program: 'Our elected officials can’t have it both ways. If they purport to be champions of free speech, we should see them outraged over book bans and legislation [and regulations] from prohibiting certain types of content and expression in schools.' "

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Missouri is one of the worst states for book censorship

Photo by Tom Hermans A New York City-based civil liberties and rights group recently rated Missouri one of the most restrictive states in the union for exercising the basic human right to read controversial books. Only Florida and Texas are rated higher for being more restrictive, according to PEN America.