Show-Me State House Speaker Ignoring Demands To Resign

Credit to the BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS for keeping us all up to date on this drama.

We don't even want to bother learning the name of this haircut . . . Meanwhile, his colleagues are pretty quick to cut him loose . . . Check-it: 

Some other Republicans have been far more forceful in their admonishment of Plocher, with some even calling for his immediate resignation.

“While these are merely accusations, there seems to be a pattern developing,” said Rep. Mazzie Boyd, R-Hamilton. “As a Conservative member of the Missouri House, I have lost confidence that Speaker Plocher can lead effectively. I believe he needs to devote his time to clearing his name and serving his district, and he cannot do all that while remaining Speaker of the House. That is why I am calling on him to resign as Speaker.”

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Missouri House speaker says he won't resign amid allegations of filing false finance reports

Missouri House Speaker Dean Plocher, R-St. Louis, dismissed a report alleging he filed false expense documents, as an "administrative error."