Show-Me Senator Josh Hawley Launching Border Wall Redux Law

The idea didn't work last time around under federal supervision . . . Now, check the Missouri Senator hoping that state governments will have better luck maintaining infrastructure . . . Obviously, Missouri highways aren't the best example of this idea . . . But here's hoping . . . Check-it:

The State Border Defense Act would allow California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas to construct barriers on federal lands or water along the southern border. The bill also allows states to prosecute and remove illegal immigrants from the country. The bill expands on legislation introduced last year and empowers the states by allowing them to enforce federal immigration law, effectively nullifying a 2012 Supreme Court case that significantly limited the ability of states to be involved in enforcement.

"Our southern border is overrun," Hawley told Fox News Digital. "Joe Biden’s dangerous open-border policies are making it worse every single day, leaving states like Missouri to deal with the consequences. Since the federal government refuses to enforce our immigration laws, states must be able to."

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Hawley introduces bill to help key border states fight back against illegal immigration

Sen. Josh Hawley is introducing a bill to give states the ability to build their own barriers at the southern border - as numbers hit new record highs.