Show-Me Senator Hawley Hopes To Crackdown On Pro-Palestine Student Groups

This week the senior Missouri Senator spoke to growing frustration with students spouting antisemitic garbage from inside ivory towers of academia. 

Here's his take that goes after funding and foreign interests operating on American campuses . . . 

"The Missouri senator slammed organizations at Ivy league schools like Harvard and Columbia, which have supported the terrorists' actions as justified.

"'[Hamas] would kill every Jew in the world if they could. That’s what these terrorists want. And to be silent in the face of that or to celebrate it as these crazy student groups are doing?,' Hawley told Sean Hannity.

"'What I want to know, Sean, is who’s funding these student groups? I hope that the DOJ is investigating where the money is coming from. Are there terror groups who are part of these networks who are infiltrating our campuses?"

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Josh Hawley Calls for DOJ Investigation Into Student-Led Pro-Palestine Groups on College Campuses

Fox News host Sean Hannity's guest was Josh Hawley, who had a proposal concerning student-led pro-Palestine groups: sic the Department of Justice on them.

Josh Hawley calls for DOJ probe into pro-Palestine groups on campuses

Republican Josh Hawley has called for the Department of Justice to investigate pro-Palestine student groups on college campuses across the nation.

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