Show-Me Second Amendment Protection Act Republican Recycling Effort

This debate hasn't yet been settled . . . Even if it's mostly a campaign issue. 

Legal eagles have tried to explain that the Supremacy Clause prevents this kind of power move.

However, neither explanation nor preliminary rulings have stopped this challenge to po-po authority to enforce federal gun laws . . . Check-it:

 The US Justice Department challenged the 2021 law, arguing it is preempted by federal law under the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution. A district court judge, siding with the Biden administration, blocked the law in March. A federal appeals court declined to put that ruling on hold, prompting Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey to come to the Supreme Court.

In an emergency application filed Thursday, Bailey argued the law should be reinstated pending appeal and that the United States does not have the “standing,” or legal injury necessary, to bring the lawsuit.

“State governments cutting off state resources for federal enforcement is not an injury; it is a feature of a State’s settled Tenth Amendment authority,” Bailey told the justices.

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Missouri asks Supreme Court to revive state law barring local police from helping to enforce federal gun laws | CNN Politics

Missouri asked the Supreme Court on Thursday to revive its controversial law that prohibits local law enforcement from helping federal officials enforce certain federal gun laws.