Show-Me Approval For EPIC Wind Turbine Power Line Throughout Midwest

Here's a peek at American hope to be powered by a "mighty wind" beyond election year rhetoric.

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"The Grain Belt Express will take power generated by wind turbines in Kansas through Missouri and Illinois to connect with other transmission lines.

"Chicago-based Invenergy made the announcement after the Missouri Public Service Commission approved an updated plan last week. The roughly $7 billion project will bring clean energy from Kansas to an end point just inside the Illinois-Indiana state line. Along the way, it will deliver some power to communities in Missouri and Illinois.

"Invenergy is increasing the capacity of the proposed line to the equivalent of nearly 4 nuclear power plants. The company says once complete, the Grain Belt Express should translate into $11 billion in energy cost savings over 15 years for customers in the Midwest and other regions."

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The Grain Belt Express power line gets final approval in Missouri

The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved the high-capacity transmission line to carry clean energy from Kansas through northern Missouri and Illinois despite landowners' concerns.