Should Kansas City Stop Caring About Union Busting Fascist Friendly Walt Disney?!?

As time goes on  . . . 

Cowtown tribute to the frozen head of a dead cartoonist becomes less important.

At the end of the day it's unclear why KCMO love for the legacy of a corporate media executive persists. 

What we make of it . . . Old school denizens with too much cash remember their childhood fondly and ignore the corporate content mill that mostly serves to slap fight with conservative politicos.

Check-it . . .

"Thank You Walt Disney — a not-for-profit dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Walt Disney’s first animation studio, the shell of which still stands on Kansas City’s east side — recently announced a $5,000 grant toward developing a film to chronicle the studio’s historical significance."

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Film to promote Walt Disney's historic Kansas City animation studio gets $10K boost

Efforts to restore the original Laugh-O-gram Studio building along Troost Avenue are getting a bump from a Missouri Humanities grant and a matching donation from a longtime local supporter of the arts in Kansas City.