Scary Kansas City Union Cemetery Exposed

Just wanted to share AN EXCELLENT & SPOOKY bit of local history this evening.

Here's part of the story crafted by one of Kansas City's best journalists still working today . . . 

"As many as 55,000 were laid to rest in Union Cemetery, but that number may not tell the entire story. A fire broke out in the Sexton's Cottage in 1889, many records were destroyed.

"Not all of those buried there wish to go quietly into that good night — the tombstone of Frank Barnum reads "Murdered in Brownsville, Missouri, Oct. 6, 1876." The mystery of his death was never solved.

"Kansas City historian Diane Euston says Barnum's wife didn't want to let go."

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Uniquely Kansas City | The haunting history of Union Cemetery

Union Cemetery in Midtown Kansas City is the final resting place for members of some of KC's founding families. Some say there may also be a ghost or two roaming around.