Save The Date: Kansas City Activists Champion Equitable Development

A peek into the contradictions of cowtown anti-capitalist life . . . These startup newsies work against the system by partnering with the Fed AND talking racially charged eco-devo schemes.

Here's the pitch . . .

"The Heartland Equitable Development Symposium, set for October 19th-20th at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, represents a strategic mobilization rather than a mere gathering.

"This symposium is an urgent and practical response to systemic barriers, aimed at funneling critical resources directly into Black-led economic and real estate development projects. It’s not about profit, it’s about pooling collective power to address the very real issue of and economic injustice."

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Pooling Collective Power: The Heartland Equitable Development Symposium Is A Strategic Response to Kansas City's Economic Divide

Facing deep-rooted segregation and economic challenges, Kansas City's Black community is taking matters into its own hands. The Heartland Symposium aims to direct vital resources to Black-led projects, challenging systemic barriers head-on.