Rep. Sharice Davids Reveals MMA Guide To Winning Kansas Elections

Credit where it's due . . . She has outlasted the meanies opposing her and voter engagement is a big part of her success against shifting political maps.

She explains it a lot better . . . Check-it:

(Kansas Rep. Sharice) Davids has also been a role model for swing-district Democrats, improving on her margin of victory in 2022 despite redrawn maps in Kansas that made her district more Republican-leaning. On that, she says the lesson is straightforward: Meet with voters, no matter what. “It’s kind of like MMA,” she said. “You just got to show up every day, even if you’re gonna get punched in the face.”

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Sharice Davids' secret to winning over swing voters? 'It's kind of like MMA' - Roll Call

"You just got to show up every day," says the Kansas Democrat and onetime mixed martial arts fighter, now in her third term in Congress.