Northeast Kansas City Shares Concern Over 'Low-Barrier' Homeless Shelters Coming Soon

For years, 12th & Oak has sought to move the homeless to Northeast neighborhoods rather than deal with downtown transient populations. 

Residents have consistently spoken out against shouldering this burden for the rest of the city.  Their main concern doesn't really have any objection to helping poor people in need . . . MOSTLY, neighbors want support from the city in dealing with the impact of housing decisions and assurances about providing services to populations of vulnerable people that local government redirects.

Homeless advocates want to paint opponents as cruel but, in fact, there is a far-reaching concern for the homeless with an acknowledgment that even the very best programs will still leave many people out in the cold . . . And in KC neighborhoods.  

Check the latest round in the discussion . . .

"The Zero KC plan includes limited barrier shelters, which raised concerns at a Wednesday night meeting in the city's historic Northeast neighborhood.

" 'I wanna do everything I can for the homeless, but aren't there other parts of the city that should, too?" a neighborhood resident asked.

"A low-barrier shelter would be for people who would typically be rejected from other emergency shelters if they're dealing with substance abuse or mental conditions.

"The population of those experiencing homelessness increased by 200% since 2019, according to statistics from the city.

"Blaine Proctor, the city's director of housing and community development, said that is because they need more emergency shelters like this.

" 'I would say we could build 2,000 low barrier beds tomorrow and we'd maybe scratch the surface.' "

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