Newsflash: Meth Town & Historic Chili Must Suffer For Kansas City Royal Billionaire Glory

Not exactly breaking news but a billionaire is going to ruin a great many biz opportunities and upend local life for reasons that aren't really that great. 

What's worse is that a pretty decent chili place will also take a hit.

Here's part of the story & links to more info . . .

"A consultant’s analysis presented to the city council Monday night shows that Independence would experience $7.5 million in lost business activity annually, were the team to move to either of its preferred sites.

"That would mean nearly $285,000 less revenue to the city from sales and lodging taxes, according to HVS Convention, Sports & Entertainment Facilities Consulting, which the city council hired to do the analysis."

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Potential Royals stadium move to downtown KC could hurt Independence's economy

"When the Royals move, the spending of 200,000 people will be lost to Independence each year," an analysis found, citing money spent on bars and hotels by Royals fans.

'It will be hard to lose': Dixon's Famous Chili concerned for business with Royals move

Dixon's Famous Chili may be famous, but it relies on Royals fans, and with the potential move comes concerns.

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