Newsflash: Kansas City Royals Demand EPIC Sales Tax Funding

Not exactly "news" but still a welcomed reminder that locals on either side of the bridge will be paying BIG BUCKS to finance a BILLIONAIRE.

Money line . . .

"Sales taxes are the most regressive form of taxation, because poor people feel the burden more than the rich. But so far, that’s the only publicly financing option the team has put forward to underwrite a possible new Royals ballpark.

"Either an extension of the 3/8th of a cent tax now being collected in Jackson County to pay for renovations and current upkeep of Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums. That would finance a new downtown Kansas City ballpark and more renovations at Arrowhead, because the Chiefs would also continue to get a portion of those revenues.

"Or a new sales tax, possibly as much as a full penny on the dollar in Clay, were a ballpark built in North Kansas City.

"Along with the Jackson County sales tax money, the Royals organization would also want to continue receiving its half of the $8.5 million that the state of Missouri, Kansas City and Jackson County property taxpayers give each year to support the stadiums at the Truman Sports Complex."

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For new stadium, Royals appear committed to a public financing method others avoid

Jackson County can delay the Royals from moving to a new ballpark in 2028 by refusing to let the team out of its lease of Kauffman Stadium early