Newsflash: Kansas City Haunted Houses Probably Very Unsafe

The newspaper "confirms" the supposition of some dude who must've just fallen off the turnip truck. 

TKC Reality Check . . .

Did anybody EVAR think that dark, empty warehouses in the West Bottoms were safe???

Me neither. 

Yeah . . . If you don't get killed in the parking lot . . . The empty warehouse experience is pretty sketchy. 

What's worse is that developers still think they're going to turn this place into a condo goldmine. 

Here's the story . . .

"What scared him, he said, was the unsound condition of the five-story warehouse, replete with wood rot and decay, limited electricity and plumbing, no sprinkler system, no emergency exits, a leaking roof evidenced by rainwater caught by plastic kiddie pools, broken joists and no bathrooms. At one point, the host of the tour opened a trapdoor in the floor for customers to descend a shaky, unsecured ladder into a dark hole."

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'This ain't safe': KC 'Haunted Hotel' charges $40 entry but has rotted wood, no license

If you book a reservation, a confirmation text includes this recommendation: "Use bathroom before coming but we can supply bucket and toilet paper."