Newsflash: Kansas City Hates Oversized & Clunky Recycling Carts

The Mayor's election gambit has backfired and now critics of the recycling stunt are taking their story to dead-tree media.

Here are the basics . . .

"Among the critics are some inner city residents and workers who dump the contents of the carts into the recycling trucks.

"Anna Joy Walker on East 41st Street, for one, is all for a cleaner city but calls the new containers “a pain in the ass.”

"Her house is on a rise, so her big recycling container sits unused on the front lawn because she doesn’t want to roll it down a dozen steps to the curb."

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Why are some Kansas Citians still not using recycling carts months into rollout?

Kansas City's new recycling system is aimed at reducing litter and reducing trash going to the landfill. But some resident are unhappy.