Newsflash: Kansas City CostCo Didn't Sell Syringes To Trans Customer Without Script

Sorry . . . But this one sounds like a conscientious clerk and not imagined persecution.

This newspaper story imagines differently . . .

"The resident said a routine stop at the pharmacy for over-the-counter syringes ended in frustration when he revealed he planned to use them for his testosterone injections. He says the pharmacist refused to sell him the syringes without a prescription, even though they are typically sold without one.

"The city’s Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department launched an investigation in October 2022 after a Star report about five transgender and nonbinary people who said they were denied their prescribed testosterone at the pharmacy. Costco denied the allegations."

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A year after KC investigation, another trans customer turned away from Costco pharmacy

Months after Kansas City officials said an investigation at the Costco location was settled to the satisfaction of all, another customer has reported discrimination at the store's pharmacy.