Missouri NAACP Prez Denounces Efforts To Pardon Former KCPD Detective

Missouri NAACP Prez Nimrod Chapel, Jr. recently offered a counterpoint to efforts for pardon of a former Kansas City Police detective who was recently convicted and lost a decision from an appeals court.

Local blog KC Defender dutifully carried his words and call back to a not-so-long-ago "travel warning" leveled against the Show-Me State . . . Here's the crux of the argument that deserves a look:

"Yet, even in this case, when it seemed for the first time ever a white cop would be held accountable, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey took an unusual step.

"In his unprecedented move, he requested an appeals court to either reverse DeValkenaere’s conviction or order a new trial. While this bid failed and a three-judge panel unanimously affirmed DeValkenaere’s guilt, Bailey’s actions have sowed distrust among the public."

"The possibility of a gubernatorial pardon would not only further erode this trust but would undermine the very principles that must form the bedrock of our society—justice, accountability, and equal protection under the law."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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