Mayor Q Promises Kansas City Small Biz Participation In World Cup 2026

This year we learned that major Kansas City events don't really help the little guy. 

And by the "little guy" we mean small biz people and not the Mayor . . . Who offers even more assurances that might or might not materialize.

Take a peek . . .

"The city says the task force will work to add funding, programming, technical assistance and other support services."

“Kansas City’s small businesses are vital to our growing community and economy, but there are a number of barriers entrepreneurs continue to face when growing or starting their business, including access to funding and resources for support," Mayor Lucas said in a press release announcing the task force. "To ensure our community and economy continue to grow and be successful, we must invest in the entrepreneur with a dream for a startup, or the small business owner who is struggling to make ends meet."

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KCMO forms small business task force to help support entrepreneurs ahead of 2026 FIFA World Cup

The city of Kansas City, Missouri, introduced a new small business task force to improve the development and support of the city's small businesses and entrepreneurs.