Marion Police Chief Resigns After Raid & Questions About KCPD Exports

Close news readers have already seen this headline but it's important to post inasmuch as this question is still lingering local . . .

Kansas City Police critics continue to press questions about local connections and the former Marion top cop's KCMO file that MIGHT impact small towns across the region and the nation. So far KCPD has been mostly silent on this topic and declined to answer any personnel questions.

Here's a summary passage and more info hitting mainstream news . . .

"Marion Police Department Chief Gideon Cody resigned on Monday, Mayor David Mayfield told CNN, but declined to comment further, calling it a “personal matter.”

"The chief’s departure comes after he was suspended last week as an investigation into the raid continues.

"In August, officers searched the office of the Marion County Record, as well as the home of the paper’s publisher and a county councilwoman, seizing reporters’ cell phones and computers, among other items. The move drew widespread criticism from news organizations and press freedom advocates."

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Marion police chief resigns after the widely-condemned raid of the Marion County Record newspaper in Kansas | CNN

The Marion, Kansas, police chief who ordered a widely-condemned law enforcement raid on a local newspaper and its publisher this summer has resigned, the city's mayor said.

Kansas police chief who approved raid on journalists resigns

The police chief of a small Kansas town who directed searches of a publisher and his newsroom over its retrieval of public information has resigned, a city official told The Associated Press.

Kansas Police Chief Who Ordered Raid on Marion County Newspaper Resigns

A police chief in Kansas announced his resignation nearly two months after his officers conducted a controversial raid on a local newspaper.

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