KK Challenges & Corrects Progressive Lenexa Mayoral Contender

It's election time in Johnson County and the top ranking conservative sports talker in the metro is now part of the voting drama. 

To wit . . . 


Anybody who knows KK understand the allegations were ridiculous and a sign of an amateur politico who seems a bit desperate.

However . . . 

In this social media era of misinformation and all manner of accusations . . . We were impressed with how KK handled the drama and attempts to resolve the manner i.e. squash beef without backing down from his politics.

Check out the public post of the exchange . . .

Of course both sides have been well documented . . .  . . . TKC believes KK's response was EXCELLENT and deserves to be highlighted amid Golden Ghetto election season . . .

"My listeners are watching you and sharing with me. It's disgusting you lump me in with people that supposedly are threatening you with vandalism, theft and words to vile to reveal. It sort of makes one wonder if you're making it up and playing victim . . .

"I may have missed the photos you posted. Please forward them to me if you can and I will denounce them immediately. It's disgusting if it's happening.

"I don't work for Joe Karlin and he's not particularly thrilled with my stance on this race. But I'm a citizen with a right to speak and will do so freely. I have lumped you in with liberal progressives and if this is not accurate, denounce your endorsements immediately. Distance yourself and tell Mike Kelly to stop mailing flyers. Tell me you're for reducing abortions and protecting unborn babies that would survive outside the womb. Do you believe children should be allowed to and celebrated for changing their gender including surgical procedures? You're asking for votes to be our mayor. We Lenexa residents deserve to know what you're about. Tell us you have turned down campaign money from outside Democrat fundraisers. Just tell us you have, please.

"Consider this email a format invitation to be on my podcast. I'd love to discuss all these issues, along with any Lenexa issues of your choice, so voter can get to you you better. I will treat you with respect, let you speak and only ask questions. Id' be happy to public the podcast as a commercial free, interview only podcast with no commentary by me. I'm available almost any day or time to sit down with you.

"If I'm wrong in anything I've said lumping you with far left progressives, please email back and I will correct your positions. The liberal running for my council seat won't even put on his campaign site what he does for a living. Why do liberal in Johnson County always hide their truth?

"If you must continue to lump me with criminal activity I will have no choice but to seek legal advice on how to stop you. And if you do continue, could you at least spell my name correctly? It seems like a really low bar to clear for a Mayor. "

Kevin Kietzman


 We're going to follow along and see if she takes him up on his offer which really is the only choice if she wants to be a REAL leader and not just play one on Facebook.

Developing . . .