KK Casts Doubt On Official Explanation For Today's Federal Emergency Alert Test

Actually, asking questions and embracing skepticism is a proud American tradition.

Credit to KK for his inquiring & mindful interrogatory . . .

"The feds are about to send an alert to every single phone in America and they say it's about disaster preparedness.  Are you buying that?"

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Trump for Speaker is Perfect Payback, Feds Hitting Your Phone, Trevor Bauer Gets Life Back, A-Rodge Slams Kelce, Jax Co Threatens Royals | Kevin Kietzman Has Issues

I wasn't in favor of Matt Gaetz executing a coup on the Speaker of the House, but it has happened. So, if Dems can impeach Trump over a phone call, claim he worked with Russia to rig the election, indict him everywhere to keep him from being President why not join them in making a mockery of democracy in America?

Further reading which hopes to discourage any kind suspicion along with mainstream reports . . .

Anti-Vaxxers Think an Emergency Phone Alert Will Cause a Zombie Apocalypse

Oct. 4 FEMA alert test on cell phones has QAnon believers and anti-vaxxers convinced that a 5G disaster is about to unfold.

Here's why FEMA is sending an emergency alert to your cellphone today

Electronic devices including cellphones, TVs and radios across the nation are expected to simultaneously blare out an emergency alert today. Here's what to know and why it's happening.

An emergency alert test will sound Oct. 4 on all U.S. cellphones, TVs and radios. Here's what to expect.

On Wednesday, Oct. 4, FEMA and the FCC will launch a nationwide test of the emergency alert system.

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