KCUR Pens Lady Soccer Love Letter

This report is more promo than news but the final passage really spoke to us and offers a hint at what's REALLY awaiting the pubic . . . Given that newsies didn't bother to mention EXTENSIVE TAX CREDITS that politicos denied and then downplayed . . . Check-it:

Long figures that showing the potential of building a new women’s soccer stadium in a smaller city, smack in the middle of the country, could help other women’s teams move out of men’s arenas, get stadiums of their own, and start closing the huge financial gap between men’s and women’s sports.

“There's very much a momentum-begets-momentum approach,” he said, “to showing what facilities can do for professional women's sports.”

To wit . . .

More cynical souls might mention that this technqiue is remarkably similar to the "profit model" employed by ponzi schemes.

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Now rising beside the Missouri River, the Kansas City Current's soccer stadium shows 'respect'

Anyone who's driven into Kansas City from the north has probably seen the swooping white steel fame of the Kansas City Current's new stadium going up. The team's new owners believe it can change women's soccer.