KC Mayor Q Champions 'New Americans' Commish Amid Border Crisis

This week the ongoing crisis at the border sparked EPIC flip-flopping by Democratic Party leaders and the White House whilst the recycled "Border Wall" solution enjoys new life. 

However . . . 

It seems that Mayor Q didn't get the memo. 

For better or worse Kansas City's mayor continues to offer refuge and resources for the growing number of migrants & refugees who are inundating other big American cities.

He mentioned this via social media at the end of the work week but, tragically, local mainstream news has decided to politely ignore this controversial municipal power move . . . Check-it: 

The Commission will be tasked with setting and monitoring goals to improve immigrant inclusion and provide guidance on City practices to ensure better service delivery, community engagement, and ensure immigrant and refugee voices are heard when creating policy. Appointees will work on strategies and best practices, including providing local government communications in multiple languages and finding ways to better promote government services and resources to immigrants and refugees.

“Kansas City is proud to be home to more than 150,000 immigrants who play an important role revitalizing, strengthening, and growing our community. As we continue working to make Kansas City more welcoming and inclusive for everyone, I am proud to appoint the Mayor’s Commission for New Americans,” said Mayor Lucas. “The Commission will help us improve trust between local government and new Americans, find ways to improve their quality of life, and help us respond to issues they may face when integrating into our Kansas City community. I look forward to the Commission’s recommendations, which will lead to long-term, transformational positive change and ensure Kansas City continues to be a safe, welcoming place for all.”

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Mayor Lucas Appoints Mayor's Commission for New Americans

Kansas City, Mo - Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas today announced appointments to the Mayor's Commission for New Americans to advise the City on how to better support the growing community of immigrants and refugees living in Kansas City.

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