Kansas Tech Suffers Under Guv Kelly?!?!

Actually, we wouldn't have blamed her if not for this prog blog passage that paints a happy picture on yet another crisis for local taxpayers . . .

"The Kansas Supreme Court issued an updated administrative order indicating clerks in 104 counties were unable to receive online filings. The cause, which hasn’t been precisely explained, hasn’t forbidden clerk offices from operating. However, all filings must be executed with paper, delivered by hand or through the mail, or with a fax machine."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Computer network woes force Kansas courts to rely on old-school methods of operation - Kansas Reflector

Kansas Supreme Court extends indefinitely administrative order covering shutdown of IT networks in district and appellate courts except in Johnson County.

A better report . . .

KBI, federal partners investigating 'security incident' affecting parts of Kansas court system

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation says it's working with federal partners to learn more about a "security incident" last week that's affected parts of the Kansas judicial system.