Kansas Reflector Blogger Trolls AG Kobach With Sketchy Trans Youngster Talking Points

This editorial is cringe-y and basically makes right-wing AG Kobach look reasonable & professional in comparison with prog bloggers asking loaded questions with a great deal of anger and a sketchy premise that's mostly rooted in fear targeting famlies already going through a tough time.

Here's the overview and then a link to more info . . .

"Kobach’s actions in office help create a climate of fear and hatred. His letter to the 10th Circuit makes clear that he’s not accidentally pursuing this painful path. He intends it.

"I’ve harped on Kobach’s phrase today because transgender youth absolutely deserve an attorney general “committed to preventing every preventable death of a child.”

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Kobach says he's 'committed to preventing every preventable' child death. I asked about trans kids. - Kansas Reflector

I was excited to hear the Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach had turned over a new leaf, at least according to his own words.