Kansas Professors Predict: Taylor Swift Will Pick 2024 U.S. President

Tonight's peek at the downfall of Western Civilization as American politics has ALWAYS been a silly popularity contest decided often decided by low info plebs.


"Brian Donovan, a University of Kansas sociology professor and Hannah Wing, assistant professor of communications at Wichita State University, said during a Dole Institute program sponsored by KU student groups that Swift was a rare cultural phenomenon with special appeal among young women. It was reasonable to expect Taylor to rely on her broadening allure to speak now and in the 2024 election cycle about her perspective on political causes and candidates, they said.

“We’ll see her feel more comfortable as an advocate,” Wing said. “She has a lot of potential in her role as an advocate. I look forward to seeing how she grows into that in the future.”

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Kansas professors/fans: Musician Taylor Swift poised to raise political voice in 2024

Taylor at Arrowhead 2023. // Photo by Chris Ortiz LAWRENCE - Professional musician and novice Kansas City Chiefs enthusiast Taylor Swift avoided flexing her artistry on the political stage during the 2016 presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. A pair of Kansas college professors, who consider themselves Swifties, said the Grammy Award winner began to find her voice...