Kansas Conservatives Attack Guv Kelly For Cutting ALLEGED Progressive Voter Deal

From a right-wing perspective . . . We're not sure if this is a good look given that getting out the vote SHOULD BE a good thing for Democracy in general. 

Nevertheless . . . Here's the argument that seems to be gaining traction . . . Check-it:

“The real point is the governor entered into an election law agreement without the consent of the Legislature,” Kansas state Rep. Pat Proctor, a Republican who chairs the House Elections Committee, told The Daily Signal. “The idea that the governor can sit in a smoke-filled room and unilaterally commit the state to an election agreement is not constitutional.”

The Kansas Legislature is the first one in the country to review the implementation of Biden’s executive order.

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Kansas Gov. Kelly Cut Voting Rule Deal With Left-Wing Groups

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly' struck an election-related deal with Demos, ACLU, and Loud Light without the Legislature's approval.