Kansas City Wings: Prayers For Peace Amid Worsening Politics & World At War

Right now the legacy of high fashion angels inspires another peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Driving Message Home

'Ride for Peace' calls for change amid violent year in Kansas City

"We want them to know and understand that there is some love in the city. There is some unity in the city," Stephen Ames, one of the drivers, said.

Caring For Old School

As rural residents age, some Kansas and Missouri communities step up to help

The number of seniors living in rural America is rising, but resources are decreasing and facilities are closing. So residents of towns like Cuba, Missouri, and Louisburg and Osawatomie, Kansas, are rallying to provide elders with services and support.

Gas Leak Kills Beloved Neighbor

Man dies after September Blue Springs home explosion

Less than a month after a home in Blue Springs exploded that left multiple people with injuries, we're learning a person has died.

Kansas Cash Considerations

Senator: I'm fed up with the federal budget and you should be too | Commentary

Budgeting wouldn't be so chaotic if the president, House and Senate followed the rules.

Show-Me Sign Up Time

First voter registration deadline for Missouri is next week

Voters will head to the polls in about a month on November 7th, 2023, but the deadline for Missouri voters to register for that election is October 11.

Building Golden Ghetto Better

After several years of debate, developers are breaking ground on East Leawood Village.

After years of debate, developers will soon break ground on a swath of Leawood farmland now known as East Leawood Village.

Cowtown Cashes In On Diva

'Traylor' romance creates gold rush for Kansas City-area businesses

At the first sighting of Taylor Swift at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, customers of Pink Dinosaur Boutique immediately wanted t-shirts to memorialize the moment.

Against 'Woke' Angels?!?

Victoria's Secret Rebrand Is Unrecognizable And Out Of Touch

Instead of different versions of beauty, we are expected to sit through a conglomerate of angsty artists, ill-fitting clothes, and activism.

Another White House Confrontation Awaits

Hamas attack on Israel thrusts Biden into Mideast crisis and has him fending off GOP criticism

President Joe Biden has been thrust into a Middle East crisis that risks expanding into a broader conflict and has left him fending off criticism from GOP presidential rivals that his administration's policies led to this moment.

GOP Endorses MAGA

Most Republicans want new Speaker to be loyal to Trump

Most Republicans in a new poll want the new Speaker of the House to be loyal to former President Trump. A new CBS News/YouGov survey found that 59 percent of all Republicans prefer that the new GOP Speaker be loyal to the former president.

Showdown Starts

Pentagon to send ships, aircraft closer to Israel in show of force

The aircraft carrier USS Gerald Ford is deployed nearby in the Mediterranean Sea.

Price For Political Vengence

Gaetz says 'absolutely' worth it for him to lose seat in Congress for McCarthy ouster

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) assessed on Sunday that it would be "absolutely" worth it for him to lose his seat in Congress for spearheading the removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) from the top leadership post last week. "Absolutely," Gaetz said when NBC's Kristen Welker asked him on "Meet the Press" Sunday whether the...

MAGA Moves Forward

'His Odds Get Better': Trump Trending Ahead Of Biden In Key Battleground States, Nationwide

Former President Donald Trump appears to be leading President Joe Biden in crucial battleground state surveys and national polls.

Bipartisan Border FAIL Cont'd

Biden cannot escape Trump's shadow in border crisis

To the anger of his supporters, the US president is ramping up deportation and expanding the wall.

Eastern Europe Fight Deploys Soviet Killer Tech

Russia is pounding Ukraine with glide bombs. 40 of the massive weapons were dropped on a single Ukrainian region in one night, a military expert said.

Russia is fitting Soviet-era bombs with gliding propellers and guidance systems. Some gliding bombs weigh as much as 3,300 pounds, Forbes reported.

Vlad Runs Down Clock

Putin banks on wavering support for Ukraine, amid a race against time | CNN

How does the war in Ukraine end? Earlier this year, former President Donald Trump boasted that if he were re-elected, he'd "have that war settled in one day, 24 hours."

Far East Offers Two State Solution

Israel expected 'stronger condemnation' of Hamas from China, Beijing embassy official says

Israel expected to see a "stronger condemnation" of Hamas from China, a country it views as its friend, Yuval Waks, a senior official at the Israeli embassy in Beijing, said on Sunday.

Cash Titans Offer Plebs Bad Ideas

How the God Complex of 4 Billionaires Could Destroy Society

Author Jonathan Taplin tells The New Abnormal how Peter Thiel, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and Marc Andreessen are providing the tools to let fascism flourish.

El Papa Prays For Peace

Pope Francis urges end to violence in Israel and Gaza, prays for victims

Pope Francis called for an end to attacks and violence in Israel and Gaza on Sunday, saying terrorism and war would not solve any problems, but only bring further suffering and death to innocent people.

Historic Local Movie Debuts

Cast celebrates Nelly Don Premiere

By Ben McCarthy The life of Kansas City fashion icon Nell Donnelly Reed finally arrives on the big screen this Friday. Nelly Don the Musical is the brainchild of local playwright Terrence O'Malley, who is also Reed's great-great nephew. The film was produced exclusively around the Kansas City area last year, including scenes in Martin...

Save The Twins

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Insights from the American Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Insights from the American Cancer Society

Upscale Artsy Sneak Peek

TRAILBLAZERS: A scrapbook of Kansas City performing artists whose impact is being felt throughout the region and beyond

Vanessa Severo The actor, writer, choreographer, and director is the daughter of Brazilian immigrants. She has appeared on all the major stages in Kansas City and on quite a few others around the country. In 2019, she presented the world premiere of her one-woman show, Frida: A Self Portrait at Kansas City Repertory Theatre, and since then has taken it to other cities around the country.

South Side Loves Mall Life

It's a Block Party at Red Bridge Shopping Center

A South Kansas City favorite, The Oscar Polk Allstar Band will play during the festivities from 1:30-3:30pm.

Forecast For Now . . . 

Pleasant day for this Chiefs game, but maybe not for the next

Sunday will have high temperatures around 75 degrees; calm weather ahead, but storms threaten the metro Thursday.

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