Kansas City Wheel VIP Rides: 50 BUCKS!!!

And once again we notice KANSAS CITY PRICING OUT most residents, families and those of us who remain on the low end of the food chain.

To wit . . . 


Sure, a hundred bucks might be a nice date night treat for an anniversary or the first time cowtown cads want to try "backdoor shenanigans" but we're pretty sure they don't allow your lady friend to "lend you a hand" during the excursion . . . And so, essentially, this is money wasted.

Check the deets . . .

Why do all of the gondola’s match, except for one? Look closely at the wheel and you’ll notice there is one black gondola.

ICON Express, the company behind KC Wheel, says the black gondola is the VIP gondola. The company says the VIP spot includes plush seating, a glass bottom, and other perks that the regular gondolas don’t offer.

Rides in the VIP gondola are $50 a person, plus tax.

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

KC Wheel to offer upgraded VIP view of Kansas City

KC Wheel, Kansas City's new Ferris wheel at Pennway Point, will include one black gondola that is a VIP car offering plush seats and other amenities.