Kansas City Up-To-Date Imagines Utopian Bike/Walk World Without Suburbs & Cars

Once again our progressive media platforms sketchy ideas that don't answer a very simple question:

How will our Amazon packages arrive with no streets and/or parking???

It's a simple stumbling block of idealistic amateur urban planners who usually arrive at their destinations driving the same SUVs as everyone else . . . Check-it:

"He also says zoning laws have contributed to cities developing car-dependent layouts instead of building walkable and bikeable neighborhoods.

" 'In many cases, that's explicitly written into law. Most jurisdictions to this day still have parking requirements, so, they say you're not allowed to build housing unless you have so many parking spaces,' Gray told KCUR's Up To Date. 'If you're driving on your typical corridors in any given suburb, right? You see these huge parking lots, in many cases, parking lots that aren't even full on Black Friday — the day you would expect demand to be highest.' "

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Have zoning laws 'broken' Kansas City? This author thinks so

Author and city planner Nolan Gray argues that places like Kansas City need to abolish zoning laws, which he blames for housing segregation and the lack of walkable neighborhoods. Gray is speaking Wednesday at the Kansas City Public Library's Plaza branch.