Kansas City Turnaround: Cowtown Cultivation & Politics Of War

Right now hottie Gwynny reminds us that Gen-X apathy STILL has a place in the American discourse. And right now her skinny-a$$ inspires our peek into pop culture, community news and top headlines. 

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Cowtown Science Deep Dive

Kansas City scientists are spawning reef-building coral in a lab at the Stowers Institute

Scientists at Kansas City's Stowers Institute for Medical Research are studying reef-building coral in a lab to better understand how it's being impacted by climate change and, hopefully, to find a way to keep these precious animals alive.

More Deets On Growing KC

Finding the best spots for Kansas City's 10,000 new trees

A new $12 million federal grant is making Kansas City more green by helping plant and maintain more trees throughout the city.

Newsflash: Courthouse Count Complicates Local Life & Biz

Outrageous property tax assessments will hurt Jackson County in multiple ways | Opinion

If rents go up and people lose their homes, investors will leave the Kansas City area and blight will increase. | Opinion

No Service For Bridge Nice Side

Northland woman still waiting for fire hydrant fix months later

A bad car crash in front of Nancy Myers' home ruined a Kansas City fire hydrant. Ten months and multiple complaints later, it's still not fixed.

Paddy's Secret Skill Exposed

Toub says Mahomes is Chiefs' backup punter

The Chiefs backup punter plan includes a guy who would be super equipped to run a fake with.

Actress Final Act Sneak Peek

Gwyneth Paltrow intends to 'literally disappear from public life,' claims she is not motivated by money

Gwyneth Paltrow is sharing her intentions to leave fame behind and never be seen again in a new interview. The former actress says fame does not bring her joy.

White House On The Record

Biden: Terrorists must pay a price for their terror

The president's second ever Oval Office address was sober and occasionally dark. It challenged America to stick with some major fights.

MAGA Youth Movement Rising

Trump leads Biden, builds support among young voters: poll

Former President Trump leads President Biden in a hypothetical 2024 general election matchup by 2 points and is improving his standing among young voters, according to a new poll. An Emerson College poll released Friday showed Trump ahead with 47 percent to Biden's 45 percent, with 8 percent undecided.

Republicans Risk More Shame

Rep. Jim Jordan will try again for House gavel, but Republicans won't back the hardline Trump ally

Rep. Jim Jordan is expected to try a third vote to become House speaker, but opposition is only deepening. Ahead of Friday's session Republican colleagues were explicitly warning the hard-edged ally of Donald Trump that no more threats or promises can win over their support.

Fighting For Political Survival

How Biden Is Betting on the Politics of War

Americans now face the risk of getting lured into wars on three continents. Will that change the calculus for Biden, Trump and 2024?

World Bears Witness To More Fighting For Holy Land

Gaza awaits aid from Egypt as Israel readies troops for ground assault

Israel's defense minister has told ground troops to be ready to enter the Gaza Strip, though he didn't say when the invasion will start.

Europe Counteroffensive Cont'd

Ukraine war: Kyiv troop build-up reported across Dnipro river

Ukraine appears to be expanding its forces on the Russian-occupied left or eastern bank of the river.

Far East Prices Future Conflict

China weighs options to blunt U.S. sanctions in a Taiwan conflict

In a war with the U.S. over Taiwan, China would need to create a global network of companies under U.S. sanctions, seize American assets within its borders, and issue gold-denominated bonds, according to Chinese government-affiliated researchers studying the Western response to Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

Nukes Keep Lights On?!?

Power for Africa: The boom of nuclear energy?

Many African countries are eyeing nuclear power to solve electrification challenges. Experts say this is the wrong direction, pointing to solar energy as a welcome alternative for the sunny continent.

Americans Targets Everywhere

US warns every American abroad to be cautious | Semafor

In a rare alert, the State Department urged U.S. citizens abroad to be cautious of the "potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions" citing "increased tensions" in various places.

Social Media News Diet Starts In Favor Of Stalking Frenemies

Silicon Valley Ditches News, Shaking an Unstable Industry

SAN FRANCISCO - Campbell Brown, Facebook's top news executive, left the company this month. Twitter, now known as X, removed headlines from the platform days later. The head of Instagram's Threads app, an X competitor, reiterated that his social network would not amplify news.

Scaring Up Cowtown Rock

Freight Train Rabbit Killer marks 10 years of haunting Kansas City with 'doom blues'

Ten years ago on a cold dark night of the soul, Freight Train Rabbit Killer began its life as a scary band/opera/near-death experience for Kansas City music fans. This Halloween season, there's a flurry of live shows to celebrate their new record.

Baller Shares Deep Thoughts

Mecole Hardman trade reflects the state of the Chiefs' receivers

Rookie Rashee Rice leads the Chiefs' wide receivers this season, and his yards after the catch have been a bright spot.

Local Royalty Recognized

The 24 best players in Kansas City Royals history

Using WAR to help us rank them, let's look at the top 24 players in the history of the Kansas City Royals franchise.

Serving Morning Discourse

Donutology opens in River Market

5th & Deleware

Amazing Autumn Arrives

Fantastic fall weather this weekend, rain chances next week

Warm and sunny this weekend, perfect time to get chores done or get outside. Rain chances almost every day next week. Winds will also return.

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