Kansas City Student Ballers Confront Nasty Rural Comments & Systemic Racism

One of out of two isn't bad . . . 

We don't deny that high school football fans in rural Missouri can be jerks. We've seen it first hand. The punchline is that they have to live in rural Missouri and that explains their discontent. 

However . . .

The demise of the KCPS can be blamed COMPLETELY on urban leadership and years of waste and misguided management . . . Of course, he's the other side of the story:

"The impact of the 26-year lawsuit aiming to desegregate Kansas City’s public schools remains prevalent. From school closures to loss of accreditation, the failures from Missouri vs. Jenkins (“Jenkins II”) serves as a catalyst for an even more racial divide between school districts in Kansas City and its surrounding areas. Harrisonville, for example, a town 40 minutes south of Kansas City, is made up of over 90% white residents while Black Residents account for under 2% of its population. This lopsided demographic is not unusual for towns on the outskirts of Kansas City. Pleasant Hill,another town south of city limits, shares a similar demographic of an 89% to 5% ratio. For many Black Kansas Citians, this racial divide presents the potential for danger. For many Black student-athletes, traveling outside of city limits to play against predominantly white schools comes with facing racist violence and harassment."

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Racist Harrasment Black Kansas City Student-Athletes

For Black Kansas City student-athletes, traveling to play against predominantly white schools comes with facing racist harassment.