Kansas City Street Racing Crash Kills Passenger & Two-Year-Old

This evening we consider a tragic reminder about public safety on local streets . . .


Here are the deets, we've highlighted the tragic result along with sharing yet another reminder to locals that we all need to SLOW THE F*CK DOWN as many of our readers keep reminding our blog community . . . Check-it:

"A Jeep Grand Cherokee was traveling westbound, possibly racing another vehicle, at a high rate of speed on Bannister Road at around 1:30 p.m., according to a spokesperson with the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department.

"The Jeep ran "several" red lights, including the stoplight at the southbound exit ramp from Interstate 435, where it struck a Honda Accord, per KCPD. After striking the Honda, the Jeep lost control and rolled over several times.

"The driver of the Jeep, a male, was ejected from the vehicle and sustained minor injuries. The front-seat passenger of the Jeep and another passenger, a two-year-old child, were pronounced dead at the scene, per KCPD."

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KCPD: 2 passengers dead after 'possible racing' turned into rollover crash Saturday afternoon

Two passengers, including a two-year-old child, were killed in a rollover crash in south Kansas City, Missouri, Saturday afternoon.

Two dead after crash near Bannister and I-435

Two people have died after a crash near Bannister and I-435 on Saturday afternoon.

Rollover crash on Saturday afternoon leaves 2 dead including toddler

Two passengers were killed near Bannister Road and I-435 highway on Saturday afternoon due to possible car racing.

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