Kansas City Star Scribe Spurns Colleagues & Claps Back Against Pro-Hamas Left

Credit where it's due . . . 

In fact, there is a reason this lady has been nominated for a Pulitzer and pushing back against editorial politeness must be part of it. 

Here's the best part of her latest column:

Without any hedging, I can’t relate to what Charlie Sykes rightly calls “the moral depravity of the pro-Hamas left.” That’s not where my colleagues are; they’re where I often am, too, in “can’t we all just get along?” mode.

As a result, they’re against taking sides at all, and question whether we should really call the attack on Israel “unprovoked.” Normally, my view of the situation in Israel is that both sides are right and both sides are wrong, too. But what just happened blew “normally” into a thousand pieces.

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