Kansas City Star Scrapes Bottom Of Barrel With Local Preacher Op/Ed On Israel War

Believe it or not . . . Way back in the 80s The Star actually employed foreign news correspondents with a vast array of overseas contacts & resources and SOMETIMES they offered additional insight into intentional affairs. 

Now . . . 

A media savvy local preacher man shares his misguided & meandering insights into a conflict that's likely above his pay-grade.

What's worse is that the editorial merely scratches the surface of a complex problem and centuries of backstory by focusing on the ill-informed opinions of some dude who doesn't even bother to include fart jokes or links to hottie models . . . Here's both sides of his Magnum opus . . .

"Those supporting the Black for Palestine effort believe that Black Americans and Palestinians are similar victims of repressive, armed and largely white colonialist governments. Both groups believe that their movements are perceived by outsiders as illegitimate, and share a narrative of dehumanization, oppression and resilience. The sense of shared experience has coalesced into an intentional coupling and conflating of their narrative . . . Make no mistake: As a Christian Bible-affirming believer, I support Israel. My reasoning is based on my fundamental belief that the Bible is the final authority on all matters regarding faith and practice."

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