Kansas City Star Dedicates Dwindling Resources To Taylor Swift Coverage

The newspaper isn't gaining advertising, circulation or subscribers . . . This stunt might help worthless social media stats that won't help the bottom line much.

Nevertheless . . . 


In many ways, this Titanic move is akin to the band playing whilst the ship goes down . . . Check-it: 

"In September, the newspaper chain Gannett announced it would hire reporters to cover Swift and Beyoncé. (After continual layoffs. Uproar and interest followed.)

"But the Star, owned by newspaper chain McClatchy, got the beat by default when Swift showed up at a Chiefs’ game.

"They’re not wasting the moment.

“We called it unofficially the Taylor and Travis beat,” Andale Gross, the Star’s managing editor said. “I feel like what’s important there is it’s really about the local football guy who happens to have an uber-successful celebrity girlfriend right now. It’s something that really is resonating and connecting with our local audience.”

"Nor are they making it a one-person beat.

“It’s pretty much the whole team,” Gross said, including sports, entertainment and business, depending on what’s happening.

“We treat it like other news stories,” he said. “It’s just that it happens to be about Taylor and Travis.”

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

How The Kansas City Star is covering the Taylor Swift beat - Poynter

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