Kansas City Star Claims Republican Leadership Inspired By Putin

It's impossible to determine if most Kansas City Star columnists have gone off the deep end OR if they've given up on journalism and now have simply retreated into full-on satire. 

Either way . . . Readers are delivered mostly garbage from this town's so-called paper-of-record.

Not so long go the newspaper justified their propagandized opinions by attempting to delineate the editorial section from reporting. 

Over the years that line has now vanished that the paper mostly serves to "report" on activist adventures and demands whilst the opinion section reads more like Hillary Clinton's diary. 

As far as service to the local discourse . . . That no longer exists in the daily newspaper and locals searching for different perspectives would be better served keeping up with this blog and a few other better sources via social media.

Accordingly . . . Today's screed isn't editorial journalism . . . It's sophomoric junk that's not even interesting as a troll/taunt . . . Check the money line premise from a "Morning Joe" reject and there's a link to the paywall for any sucker willing to pay for this junk:

"What’s left of the GOP is no longer sold on representative democracy is more obvious every day. And none of the current chaos on or off the Hill makes any sense unless you ask yourself this question: What would Putin do?"

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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