Kansas City Spends ONE MILLION BUCKS To Save 'Unhoused' This Winter

A glimpse at KCMO do-gooder efforts to distract from a year with very little progress . . . Check-it:

"The city will collaborate with 16 local organizations to provide shelter and services to unhoused residents during the winter months. The funding will allow shelters to hire more staff and increase their capacity. Other nonprofits will provide food, mental health services, medical care, transitional living support and trafficking support.

"Ten shelters will open depending on the weather. Together, these shelters will have capacity for 450 people, which is in addition to the number of people shelters already serve on a daily basis."

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Kansas City has a new plan for unhoused people in the cold winter months

The city council approved $1.3 million to increase capacity and staffing at 10 local shelters.

Money from Kansas City's marijuana tax helps expand winter weather response

Kansas City council approves a plan to use money from the city's marijuana tax fund to expand its winter weather response to provide additional services to the homeless.